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Enlighten Communications, Inc - click here
The goal of Enlighten Communications, Inc is to provide a structured and unambiguous message of abstinence that will mobilize and empower adolescents to make responsible choices that pertain to at- risk behaviors

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health - click here
The Medical Institute is a nonprofit medical organization founded in 1992 by gynecologist Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., M.D., designed to confront the world epidemics of nonmarital pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease with incisive health care data. Driven by medical, educational and other scientific data, The Medical Institute informs, educates, and provides solutions to medical professionals, educators, government officials, parents and the media about problems associated with sexually transmitted disease and nonmarital pregnancy. Indeed, the Medical Institute is at the forefront of these issues.

David Hajduk - click here
With over fifteen years experience in religious education and youth ministry, David Hajduk has a keen awareness of the challenges facing young people in the 21st century. With two theology degrees as a foundation, David presents the Church's teaching in a fresh, engaging, and inspirational way, and has become a highly sought-after speaker on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

Teresa Tomeo - click here
Teresa Tomeo is a Motivational Speaker, media consultant, and broadcast-journalist with over twenty years of reporting experience in the Detroit radio and TV market. Teresa currently hosts a daily talk show on Christian radio in Detroit, and has also served as a radio news director, and a radio/TV news reporter and anchorwoman.

Focus on the Family - click here
Focus on the Family began in 1977 in response to Dr. James Dobson's increasing concern for the American family.

Josh McDowell Research and Notes - click here
The theme and motivation of the Josh McDowell Ministry is to SERVE. And what better way to serve than to share what others can use in His service?

The Silver Ring Thing - click here
The Silver Ring Thing is the fastest growing teen abstinence program in the United States and is rapidly gaining international recognition for its high-tech presentation style incorporating music, laser lights, fast-paced video, drama & comedy performances.

Rock For Life - click here
Rock for Life is committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia to America's youth through music and ministry.

Human Life Alliance - click here
Human Life Alliance (HLA) is a non-profit, non-denominational, pro-life organization dedicated to protecting human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

National Abstinence Education Association - click here
The National Abstinence Leadership Council (NALC), comprised of leading abstinence providers from across the country, gathered during the fall of 2006 to discuss current and future needs of the abstinence education field.

The Heritage Foundation - click here
Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institute - a think tank - whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Virtuous Reality Ministries - click here
Virtuous Reality Ministries has taken upon itself the mission of making virtue a reality, rather than a simple after thought. virtuousreality.com was created for middle school and high school girls as a wholesome alternative to the trashy fashion magazines that bid for their attention.


The National Abstinence Leadership Council (NALC), comprised of leading abstinence providers from across the country, gathered during the fall of 2006 to discuss current and future needs of the abstinence education field. As a result of ensuing discussions, these leaders voted to form NAEA as a 501(c)(4) membership association as a means of accomplishing long term strategic goals for the field of abstinence. As a 501(c)(4), NAEA is able to offer unique member services for abstinence education organizations, educators and providers, including unlimited lobbying on behalf of abstinence education.

Pam Stenzel - Addressing the Importance of the Abstinence Advantage

Pam Stenzel, Founder of ENLIGHTEN COMMUNICATIONS Inc., tackles today’s tough issues of sex with candor, insight, humor, and the challenge for young people to get the abstinence advantage.

Pam has traveled worldwide, speaking in person to over 500,000 young people each year about issues of sexuality and the importance of abstinence - her videos are viewed by millions worldwide. Pam also holds seminars with parents and educators regarding issues of teen sex and how vital character building is in a child’s upbringing.

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